Managing Pressures Before Marriage

An abstinence-based curriculum that is designed to assist adolescents in postponing the initiation of sexual involvement. It helps them understand the pressures which influence sexual behavior and how to deal with peer pressure through the use of assertive responses. The program gives young people the opportunity to learn why it is important to delay the onset of sexual involvement based on life skills and progressive techniques. The Fayette County School Board approved program has been in existence for the past 20 years.

Reducing the Risk

A program that assists high school-aged youths in building skills to prevent pregnancy, STIs, and HIV. The program consists of 16 planned lessons that give students critical communication skills practice and emphasizes that young people should avoid unprotected sex through abstinence or consistent and effective use of protection. Students learn to recognize different forms of social pressures that lead to unprotected sex and identify the skills they need to resist pressure.

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